We are continually adding to our FAQ section so if you do not see the question and answer you’re looking for please let us know and we will give you an immediate answer and add to this section.

Can I send attachments with my enquiry/order?

Yes, if you have any sketches or examples we are more than happy to base some initial concepts on them. After filling the order form please email the attachment(s) to info@inklincreative.co.uk

What files do I receive and how are they used?

Inklin Creative can supply a number of files suitable for print and web use. Don't worry if you can not open certain files, you need specialised software to open some of the files we send that are meant for professionals.

Below is a list of files we send as part of our packages with a short description of how they can be used.

.JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

This is most probably the most well known and common image file type. You will be able to open this file type on your computer and can use it for most on-screen needs such as your website and Microsoft products like Word and PowerPoint. This file type is of reasonably low quality and not ideally for print.

.GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

Again, a well know file type suitable for most on-screen needs. Unlike the .jpg file we supply this file with a transparent background making it ideal to put onto coulored backgrounds whether for your website or presentations.

.PNG (Potable Network Graphics)

Like the .gif file this is also transparent but better quality (higher res). It is ideal to place on your website if not sitting on a white background and was created to replace the .gif file.

.EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

This file type is the most commonly file used by professional printers and embroiderers etc. They will be able to reduce and increase the size of the image without any loss of quality. You may not be able to open this file type on your own machine.

.AI (Adobe Illustrator)

Adobe Illustrator is the professional program your logo will be designed in and are the source files. Unlike most other online designers we do not charge to supply this design and give as standard. This file is the best file type to give to professional printers and designers. They will be able to reduce and increase the size of the image without any loss of quality. You may not be able to open this file type on your own machine.

.TTF (True Type Fonts)

We supply the fonts used in your designs. You can then upload them to your computer and they will appear in your font dropdown list. To upload them simply follow below instructions:

1. extract and save the files we send you to a location of your choice

2. hit the start menu and select the control panel

3. select the fonts folder

4. select file > install new font

5. find the location where you saved the fonts

6. select “select all” and press ok

Can I finalise more than one logo?

We make an unlimited amount of changes to all logo concepts however as part of all of our packages we supply final files for one chosen logo. If you would like to finalise more than one design it is not a problem however creating all files takes about an hour so we charge a small admin fee of £30+VAT per logo to cover our time

Do I own the finalised logo?

Yes, you have complete ownership rights to the finalised logo(s) and are free to do with it as you please. As we do not use any clipart or template images you have the right to get the logo copyrighted or trademarked.

Do you use Clipart or Template imagery?

No, every design by us is 100% custom and original. We design from scratch per client requirements.

How many revisions am I allowed?

No matter what we are designing, unlimited revisions come as standard. It is our 100% satisfaction guarantee that we will keep designing until you are happy.

What if I do not like the first set of designs?

It is extremely unlikely that there are no designs you would like to take forward however if there is nothing that hits the spot all we ask for is constructive feedback so we can go back to the drawing board and design more logos. We keep going until you are happy.

Is there a limit on the number of designs I can ask for changes?

No, you can ask for as many changes on as many designs, as many times as you like.

Why does the colour of my designs look different when printed?

This does not cause a problem for the majority as it is not extremely important to get a 100% onscreen to print match however if you are set on a particular onscreen colour we can except no responsibility for your print items and suggest you get a print proof and talk to your printer.

Colours on screen can differ quite considerably than the finished professional print product. Your design will look different on screen, different when you print from your inkjet printer, different if you receive a digital proof and different when litho printing. Colours may even change from print firm to print firm. If you have specific pantone or CMYK colour references we are more than happy to use and is the most secure way of getting a colour of your choice. Monitor settings and quality can also contribute to colour variations, your design can look different from one machine to another.


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